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How to buy?

Vehicles of all makes and models to export to Venezuela, only from 2016.

Do you want to buy cars at the usa auctions?

You must follow these steps and requirements to participate:

1) Vehicle Selection

a) Model

b) Brand

c) Years

d)  Selection of damages, whether minor damage, major damage or no damage (Vehicles are purchased in any state in the USA)

Note: The value of the Vehicle will depend on its condition.

2) The client must Set the Value of the Vehicle taking into account the cost of repair, crane transfer and nationalization (Only if it is to export) You must send your driver's license or Passport to the company's mail

3) When the client makes the decision to participate in the purchase, he must make a deposit of 10% of the value to be offered. That is, if the purchase is $ 10,000, the deposit is $ 1,000. This is called a security deposit. (This deposit is refunded at the time of canceling the vehicle.)

4) If you win the purchase of the Vehicle, you must cancel the entire purchase in 9 days, counting from the day of the sale, Saturday and Sunday, from day 3 if you have not canceled the vehicle, you will have a surcharge of $ 50 in case the day arrives. 9 and have not canceled the security deposit will not be refunded.

5) For your peace of mind and security, all payments will be made to the company and we help you with the repair of your vehicle if required.

If you are interested contact me at +615 58 68 639 Email: Jbaservices24@Gmail.Com